New Release: “Santa Monica” by Dumomi The Jig ft. Tar1Q & Kella Kayy

“Santa Monica” by Dumomi The Jig, featuring Tar1Q and Kella Kayy, marks a shift in Nigeria’s music scene beyond traditional Afrobeat and Afro-fusion, displaying the country’s emerging talents in global music genres. 

This track symbolizes a new wave of Nigerian musicians ready to make a mark on the international stage with their versatility and innovation.

The song’s infectious energy combined with a pulsating beat is bound to have listeners grooving to its rhythm effortlessly. 

Dumomi The Jig, known for his eclectic Afro-fusion approach, introduces a globally appealing hip-hop sound with this release.

Consistently putting out music over the last couple of years, Dumomi The Jig is expanding his reach on the global music scene. 

He teases that “Santa Monica” is just a taste of the incredible music he has planned for the rest of the year.



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