The Impressive Story of Justin Bieber Joining Tems at Coachella

Tems shared an exciting tale during an interview about her extraordinary moment performing with Justin Bieber at Coachella. She recounted how Justin Bieber personally contacted her to express his interest in performing alongside her. Despite not planning to have any guest artists, the unexpected appearance of Justin Bieber on stage ignited the crowd’s excitement.

In addition, Tems mentioned another surprise guest at Coachella, Nigerian superstar Wizkid, who coincidentally was in town and joined her on stage. This impromptu collaboration added another layer of excitement and made the performance even more unforgettable. Notably, Tems, Justin Bieber, and Wizkid had previously worked together on the popular track “Essence,” enhancing the magic of their Coachella performance. Justin Bieber’s consistent support for Tems’ career is evident through his actions like sharing her album and offering encouraging words. The unity and encouragement displayed within the music industry are truly heartening to witness.


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