The Family of Mohbad Challenges Autopsy Report and Demands Transparency

The family of the late Nigerian musician, Mohbad, is raising concerns over the inconclusive toxicology test results from a pathologist. They are calling for a transparent re-evaluation following forensic science standards. The family accuses the police of inadequate investigation and urges the Inspector-General of Police to intervene and hold those responsible for Mohbad’s death accountable. The family’s doubts stem from revelations that a United States laboratory supposedly did not conduct a poison test, contrary to the Lagos State Government’s assertions.

The family’s legal representatives expressed dissatisfaction with the toxicology test results, branding them as inadequate. They questioned the integrity of the investigation into Mohbad’s death and demanded transparency, especially regarding the actual location of the toxicology tests and the involvement of various laboratories.

The family disapproved of the inconclusive test results as it lacked clarity and faith in the investigative process. They insist on a transparent re-examination following the highest forensic science standards.

Additional demands by the family include a detailed review of the protocols during the initial toxicology testing and the engagement of independent international forensic experts for oversight. They stress the importance of full disclosure of findings to understand the cause of death and call for swift action in the re-examination process.

Mohbad passed away on September 12, 2023, in Lagos at the age of 27.


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