“The Controversy Surrounding Davido’s Child Custody Battle with Sophia Momodu Before His Wedding” (VIDEO)

Well-known social media personality Saida Boj criticized Davido for taking legal action against his ex-girlfriend, Sophia Momodu, in a child custody dispute over their daughter, Imade, just before his upcoming wedding. Reports from Tooxclusive revealed that Davido filed a lawsuit against Sophia Momodu seeking full custody of their child.

In her remarks, Saida Boj expressed her disapproval of Davido’s timing in initiating the legal battle, emphasizing that she doesn’t object to his decision to get married but finds fault in suing Sophia over child custody right before his wedding. She highlighted the emotional toll this move could take on Sophia, who has devoted much effort to caring for Imade as her only child. The lawsuit preceding his union with Chioma appears to be a disrespectful gesture towards Sophia.

Responses from the Online Community

Ola commented:

“Now with a wife who is also a mother figure; it would be beneficial for the child to grow up in a family environment. Children raised by single parents often face challenges in their development.”

MAJ shared:

“I understand her perspective! People might criticize her because they hold Davido in high regard.”

Osinachi questioned:

“What concern is this of hers? The child is not related to her, and Sophia doesn’t know her either.”

Chimezie Emmanuel remarked:

“I’m not a fan of this girl, but the truth is recognizable. Even if Davido plans such actions, he could have waited; this timing seems inappropriate.”



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