Simi Issues Apology Following Swimsuit Controversy at Poolside Event Despite Marriage Status

Renowned vocalist, Simi, has offered a heartfelt apology after facing backlash for donning a swimsuit at a poolside gathering, even though she is married. The singer of ‘Duduke’ was recently spotted wearing a swimsuit that revealed some skin at the event. Certain judgmental individuals criticized her for wearing such a revealing attire, highlighting that she is now a married woman.

Responding to the criticism, Simi expressed regret for her oversight, pledging to make better choices in the future. She acknowledged her mistake and vowed not to wear a similar outfit again. Simi reassured her critics that she will opt for a kaftan next time and maintain a modest appearance by the pool out of respect for her husband.

Some observers felt that her apology came across as being sarcastic.

ossybrown noted:

You took her content and cut off the part where she asked people to listen to her new album. The Evil of mainstream journalism, sha.”

vanchizzy commented:

I love her level of sarcasm. What do these overly critical observers want, expecting someone to wear a kaftan to a pool?”

teensgram_afrika shared:

Excuse me, was she supposed to dress in traditional attire while at a swimming pool?”

uncle_jeff_official remarked:

If her husband didn’t express any concerns, then why cave in to social media pressure to apologize? Quite surprising.”

emeka_ argued:

Who says married women can’t wear swimsuits? In a marriage that’s none of our business.”

a.d.e.j.o.k.e1 added:

“Stream the ‘Lost And Found’ album. She mentioned she was lost while wearing that and has now found herself.”


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