Seun Kuti’s Revelation about MKO Abiola’s Alleged Actions towards Fela Kuti

Afrobeat artist Seun Kuti recently unveiled shocking allegations against the late MKO Abiola, accusing him of framing his father, Fela Kuti, for armed robbery and orchestrating a plan to have him killed. Seun Kuti claimed that during Muhammadu Buhari’s brutal military regime, MKO Abiola and his wife, Simbiat, falsely accused Fela Kuti of stealing their Ferrari at gunpoint.

At that time, the Deputy Head of State under Buhari, Tunde Idiagbon, was implementing strict laws that made armed robbery a crime punishable by death. Seun Kuti narrated how the Abiolas concocted a story about Fela and his associates committing the robbery, which could have led to Fela’s execution.

Seun Kuti revealed:”Abiola and his wife, Simbiat, lied against Fela that he and his boys robbed her of her Ferrari at gunpoint under Idiagbon’s regime. This was Abiola and his wife’s plan to kill my dad because, under Idiagbon, armed robbery was punishable by death.”

Responding to these allegations, Fela and his son Femi took a unique approach by delivering buckets of feces to Abiola’s residence and spreading it around. This unconventional action resulted in the police visiting Fela’s home the next day under the guise of investigating the feces incident at Abiola’s house.


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