Musician Timi Dakolo’s Philosophy on Creating Art

In a recent podcast, Timi Dakolo discussed the importance of personal connection in the creation of music. Dakolo, a renowned Nigerian artist, shared his perspective on the debate surrounding artists composing music for their fans. He stated that, in his view, genuine artistry blossoms from a deep personal relationship with the music.

“For me I have a rule that you make music for yourself because the food you want to give someone you must be able to enjoy it yourself,” he explained.

Dakolo stressed the significance of crafting music that resonates with oneself, trusting that audiences will ultimately connect with it. Recognized for his rich vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Dakolo underscored the importance of staying true to one’s artistic vision.

“You are the first person to play it, the idea is yours, the motivation was yours, and the core of it was presented to you so the first person that encounters that idea is you.

“If you’re doing it for people then you are missing the whole point. A good product convinces the people. It speaks louder than asking people to come and hear your music. If the product is good people will embrace it.”


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