Media Personality Criticizes Davido’s Choice of Attire in Pre-wedding Photos

Renowned media personality, Ossai Ovie Success, has expressed disapproval towards singer Davido for donning a Yoruba attire in his recently unveiled pre-wedding pictures with Chioma. Ossai, who serves as an aide to the Delta State governor, believes that Davido’s attire choice showed disrespect towards the Igbo culture, considering he is marrying an Igbo lady.

According to Ossai, it is customary in many African cultures to wear the bride’s traditional attire as a symbol of respect and harmony. Despite his happiness for the couple, Ossai felt compelled to share his sentiments, even though he plans to attend the wedding.

Expressing his thoughts, Ossai stated, “Davido disrespected the Igbo Culture with his Yoruba dressing while getting married to an Igbo Girl. Davido’s pre-wedding photos is an insult to Igbo Culture.”

He emphasized the importance of honoring each other’s cultural backgrounds, particularly during significant events like weddings. Ossai stressed the significance of dressing in the bride’s cultural attire as a gesture of unity and respect.

Despite extending his well wishes to Davido and Chioma, Ossai felt it necessary to address the matter candidly, highlighting the value of preserving cultural heritage.


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