Kanye West Decides to Step Away from Music Industry

Kanye West, the well-known American rapper, recently revealed his plans to retire from his professional music career. He disclosed this decision during a conversation with his colleague, Rich The Kid. Rich The Kid shared a screenshot of their chat on his Instagram story.

In the discussion, Kanye expressed uncertainty about his future after leaving the music scene. He mentioned, “I am retiring from professional music. Not sure what else to do.” Rich The Kid, however, tried to persuade Kanye West against retirement by highlighting the impact of their collaborations on culture and stressing the importance of West’s continued presence in the music industry.

Rich The Kid suggested creating more music together and exploring opportunities in fashion but advised against a complete retirement. He insisted, “Drop Ye about mine & V2 and we do it all over again. The kids need you, big bro. Fashion maybe some time to chill but retiring ain’t it.” Rich’s message implied a plea for Kanye to reconsider his decision.

For more details, refer to the conversation below:


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