Jason Derulo’s Near-Death Experience and Road to Recovery

Jason Derulo, the well-known American artist, recently shared his harrowing experience of breaking his neck in a gym accident while preparing for his global tour back in 2013. The unfortunate incident occurred during a rehearsal, leading him to cancel his tour abruptly. In a candid conversation on Paris Hilton’s podcast, ‘I Am Paris,’ Derulo expressed his genuine fear that he might not make it through.

He disclosed that his recovery journey lasted a challenging seven months.

“I broke my neck in 2013,” he recounted. “I was gearing up for my world tour and working with a trainer who instructed me to do consecutive back tucks for endurance training. During one of the attempts, I lost my grip and landed on my head, fracturing my C-2 vertebra.”

“The moment it happened, I heard a distinct crack, and I remember thinking, ‘Is this the end?'”


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