Ice Prince Clears Up Speculations on Relationship Status with Moet Abebe

Nigerian musician Ice Prince has addressed rumors surrounding his alleged 12-year relationship with media personality Moet Abebe. Contrary to Abebe’s claims, Ice Prince revealed in a recent interview that he is currently not seeking a committed relationship.

Despite their public appearances in matching outfits that fueled dating speculation, Ice Prince emphasized that he is focusing on his career and personal growth. He acknowledged his romantic inclinations but cited challenges in finding lasting love.

The rapper explained that he is opting to prioritize his music and upcoming projects over committing to a relationship at this time. Ice Prince expressed concerns about the financial responsibilities and emotional toll that come with dating, indicating that he is not prepared for such commitments.

With a firm stance on his current priorities and aspirations, Ice Prince aims to concentrate on his music endeavors and promote his latest album, steering clear of any prolonged romantic entanglements.



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