Caroline Danjuma’s Perspective on Davido and Sophia Momodu’s Relationship

In light of the ongoing custody battle between music sensation Davido and his child’s mother Sophia Momodu, Caroline Danjuma, a former spouse of billionaire Musa Danjuma, shared some thoughtful advice for women, especially those in Nigeria. In a post on her Instagram account, she highlighted that in Nigeria, a man who is wealthier is often perceived to be in the right.

Caroline emphasized the importance for women to focus on personal development in various aspects – financially, spiritually, and mentally. She encouraged women to strive for self-sufficiency to be able to choose a partner who is kind, loving, and respectful towards them.

She urged women to prioritize self-love and protection, advising them to be cautious about who they allow into their lives and hearts. Caroline stressed the significance of making thoughtful decisions in relationships to avoid heartache and sorrow.

“As a woman living in Nigeria, as long as that man is assumed to be richer than you, he will always be right”

Plot twist – get yourself well developed, financially, spiritually and mentally secure.

Then you can be able to give yourself to a man who is kind, loving and caring and loves you the way you deserve.

Love and protect yourself well enough to know exactly whom and what to let into your space and soul.

Don’t rush into anything, so you don’t rush out of it or stay in it while dying in sorrow”.

Additionally, Caroline addressed false claims made by singer Oritsefemi, who alleged that she was previously married to Davido’s late friend, Tagbo, and insinuated that she played a role in his own marriage. Caroline clarified through her spokesperson that she was solely married to billionaire Musa Danjuma, the father of her children.


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