Bloody Civilian Talks About Her Envy of Shallipopi’s Success

During a conversation with media personality Susan Pwajok and others, renowned singer Emoseh Khamofu, also known as Bloody Civilian, openly admitted to feeling envious of Shallipopi’s achievements. She disclosed that she harbors a secret jealousy towards her colleague Shallipopi because she believes he is leading the life she deserves.

“I am envious of Shallipopi’s success; he is living the life I should be living,” she shared with a laugh.

rosythrone commented:

“At least she’s being honest, she’s the chubby version of Ayra starr.”

cometh_quinci2 remarked:

“Shalipopi is probably enjoying his time with weed, maintaining his cool without any worries.”

biggestfish__ mentioned:

“Shallipopi holds a significant place in my admiration, even above Davido.”

djmagicbeatz expressed:

“She seems to have a crush on the guy rather than being envious.”

codesmr stated:

“Their laughter seems so fake to me.”

tochi_lifestyle added:

“You seem hesitant to discuss what you really want from Shallipopi.”

Watch the video below:


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