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Zsela’s Unique Music Video Experience with Apple Vision Pro (Download Music on TunesDeck)

Zsela’s New Music Video Is The First Filmed With Apple Vision Pro

Zsela is set to release her debut album, Big For You, this Friday. Recently, she unveiled a new single titled “Not Your Angel” following her previous release in April, “Lily Of The Nile.” This release coincides with Apple’s announcement of their new AI strategy called “Apple Intelligence” at their annual conference, focusing on their futuristic “spatial computer” headset, the Vision Pro. Interestingly, the music video accompanying “Not Your Angel” is the first one to be shot on Apple’s Vision Pro.

The video for “Not Your Angel” immerses viewers in the perspective of the protagonist of the song, taking them on a journey through various settings, from woods to a warehouse and eventually an empty skateboarding bowl. While the song itself is beautiful, some viewers may experience motion sickness while watching the video. Director Ethan Skaates highlighted the unique ability of Vision Pro to capture a person’s natural field of vision and multiple interactions with Zsela, allowing for a first-person perspective that enhances intimacy between Zsela and the audience.

Zsela shared her thoughts on the song, stating, “’Not Your Angel’ is a love letter expressing a deep desire to connect with the ever-changing aspects of oneself or others, challenging the fear of losing someone due to change. This sentiment applies to relationships with a lover, friends, family, or oneself, emphasizing the importance of embracing all facets of one’s identity.”

For those intrigued by Vision Pro but not ready to invest in one, Apple Intelligence offers updates for common users, including enhancements to Siri for better interaction with messages, calendars, emails, and third-party apps, as well as the incorporation of ChatGPT in new devices. Alongside these technological advancements, Apple emphasizes improved privacy protection and security features.

Experience the unique “Not Your Angel” video below and stay tuned for the release of Big For You on 6/14 via Mexican Summer.


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