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Wet’s Latest Release: “Double”

Wet – “Double”

Recently, Wet unveiled their new track “Double”, a creation of NYC indie-pop trio led by vocalist Kelly Zutrau and Buddy Ross. The song marks their return following the Pink Room EP release in 2022.

When asked about the production process, Zutrau shared her experience of working with Ross in Portland in early 2022. She reminisced:

The initial days didn’t yield much progress as they strolled, chatted, played cards, and had drinks, avoiding diving into work. However, a significant revelation came when they finally entered the studio for recording – Zutrau discovered she was pregnant. This unexpected news was a stark contrast to her previous carefree lifestyle, juggling multiple imagined realities without fully committing to any.

The profound sense of loss and fear gripped her as she grappled with the sudden shift from floating between different paths to the stark reality of impending motherhood. It was an abrupt awakening from the fantasy world she had been occupying, forcing her to confront the convergence of her varied but partly lived lives into a singular or perhaps double existence.

Experience the emotional journey captured in the song below.


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