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Welsh Band Bug Club Releases New Single “Lonsdale Slipons” on TunesDeck

The Bug Club – “Lonsdale Slipons”

The Bug Club has unveiled their latest single, “Lonsdale Slipons,” today, as part of their upcoming album release titled On The Intricate Inner Workings Of The System, slated for August 30. The Welsh duo also recently signed with the renowned Seattle label Sub Pop, teasing fans with the track “Quality Pints” prior to this release.

“Lonsdale Slipons” is a vibrant post-punk track featuring an engaging bassline, captivating dual vocals, and a powerful crescendo where Sam Willmett enthusiastically exclaims, “These drugs are tasty as hell! I think I’ll have another!” Immerse yourself in the song below, put on your Lonsdale slip ons, and enjoy the groove.

01 “War Movies”
02 “Quality Pints”
03 “Pop Single”
04 “Best Looking Strangers In The Cemetery”
05 “A Bit Like James Bond”
06 “We Don’t Care About That”
07 “Lonsdale Slipons”
08 “Better Than Good”
09 “Actual Pain”
10 “Cold. Hard. Love.”
11 “The Intricate Inner Workings Of The System”

On The Intricate Inner Workings Of The System will be available on 8/30 through Sub Pop.


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