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W. H. Lung: New Single “How To Walk” from Upcoming Album

W. H. Lung – “How To Walk”

Manchester band W.H. Lung, known for their 2022 album Vanities, are back with a new album titled Every Inch Of Earth Pulsates. The first single from the album, “How To Walk,” is a lively track that bandleader Joseph Evans is excited to perform live.

The album was produced by Ross Orton, known for his work with MIA, Arctic Monkeys, and Working Mens Club. Evans describes Orton as the “Sheffield Steve Albini,” praising his approach to recording and mixing songs without overthinking.

Guitarist Tom Sharkett also commends Orton’s production style, calling it bombastic and magical. The tracklist for the new album includes songs like “Lilac Sky,” “Bliss Bliss,” and “I Will Set Fire To The House.”

Stay tuned for the release of Every Inch Of Earth Pulsates on 10/18 on Melodic. Listen to “How To Walk” below.


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