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“Twenty Deer” by worlds greatest dad: New Music Release

worlds greatest dad – “Twenty Deer”

worlds greatest dad made waves with their debut album, “get well soon,” back in 2018. Now, the Atlanta emo group is back with their latest offering, “Better Luck Next Time,” and has signed with SideOneDummy.

Their new single, “Twenty Deer,” has just been released. Band leader Maddie Duncan shared the inspiration behind the song, recounting a moment on tour through the Poconos. The track captures feelings of being overwhelmed and disconnected from the world around, much like the roadkill they passed on the journey.

“Better Luck Next Time” features the previously released track “KO” and was recorded partly at Maze Studios in Atlanta and the rest at their homes in 2020. Duncan describes their sound as “redneck emo.” Check out the music video for “Twenty Deer” below.

01 “Twenty Deer”
02 “KO”
03 “The Ocean”
04 “Concrete (A Love Song)”
05 “Bike Song”
06 “Better Luck Next Time”
07 “Taking One For The Team”
08 “Two Birds”
09 “Bad Neighborhood”
10 “Method Larping”
11 “Private Hell”
12 “Fakin’ A Smile”

“Better Luck Next Time” will be available on 9/13 via SideOneDummy.


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