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TR/ST – “All At Once” (Music on TunesDeck)

TR/ST – “All At Once”

TR/ST: New Music Release – “All At Once”

TR/ST recently dropped the track “Soon” hinting at an upcoming album. Robert Alfons, the man behind the synth project, has now unveiled Performance, the successor to 2019’s The Destroyer (Part 2). The vibrant single “All At Once” has been released.

Performance marks his first release with Dais and is co-produced by Alfons, Burke Battelle, and Nightfeelings. Dive into “All At Once” now.

01 “Soon”
02 “Regret”
03 “All At Once”
04 “The Shore”
05 “Boys Of LA”
06 “Clowned”
07 “Dark Day”
08 “Performance”
09 “Warp”

Performance will be available on 9/13 via Dais.


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