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Tenue’s Song “Inquietude” on TunesDeck

Tenue – “Inquietude”

If you want to know about Stereogum managing editor Chris DeVille, it’s important to understand that he puts in a lot of effort. Chris is currently on vacation with his family, but even during his journey there, he found time to blog using a phone hotspot while traveling across the country. While on vacation, he still managed to pop into the Stereogum Slack at 2:20AM to share some exciting music he discovered on Bandcamp. Chris was correct in saying that Tenue’s “Inquietude” is some incredible screamo.

Prior to today, I had not heard of Tenue, which means “Faint” in Spanish. The band hails from A Guarda, a village in Galicia, Spain. Tenue has been putting out music since 2018 and has just revealed plans to release a new LP titled Arcos, b​ó​vedas, p​ó​rticos — translating to Arches, vaults, porches — after their 2021 single-track album Territorios, which runs for approximately 30 minutes. The opening track, “Inquietude,” spans nine minutes and delivers a powerful performance.

“Inquietude” starts with acoustic guitar and a thoughtful trumpet that escalates into intense, raw DIY metal, maintaining its energy and atmosphere throughout. The Spanish lyrics delve into themes of personal destruction. Tenue provides an English translation on Bandcamp, revealing a line about “the cry of a thousand monkeys on a moonless night.” It’s a weighty, impressive piece, and you can give it a listen below.

01 “Inquietude”
02 “Letargo”
03 “Distracción”
04 “Enfoque”
05 “Unión”

The self-released Arcos, b​ó​vedas, p​ó​rticos will be available on 8/1.


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