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Susanna – “Elephant Song” (Music Download on TunesDeck)

Susanna – “Elephant Song”

Susanna, the Norwegian singer and composer, recently announced her upcoming album Meditations On Love and dropped the first single “Everyone Knows.” Today, she unveils the beautiful track “Elephant Song.”

Regarding “Elephant Song,” Susanna describes it as a tribute to the journey of growth, facing challenges, doubts, vulnerability, and the perseverance to push forward. She drew inspiration from the Ethiopian pianist Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru for this song, marking it as the first piece she created on her new piano, a vintage Steinway from the 1960s.

The melody of the piano is enchanting, intertwined gracefully with the playful saxophone and Susanna’s poignant lyrics that touch on struggles with breathing and sleeping, leading to a powerful conclusion where she proclaims, “We don’t know/ What will happen in the end.” Take a listen below.

The album Meditations On Love is set to be released on 8/23 under SusannaSonata.


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