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Sonagi – “Rain Shadow”

A fresh band, Sonagi, was formed by Ryann Slauson from the renowned Philadelphia screamo band Closer a few years ago. They recently launched their debut album Precedent in 2022, showcasing Ryann Slauson’s talent across two impressive bands. Sonagi has now revealed a new EP.

Working with former Off Minor/Saetia member Steve Roche at his Permanent Hearing Damage studio, Sonagi recorded their EP titled Everything Is Longing. This EP, set to release in six weeks on Jeremy Bolm’s Secret Voice label, delves into weighty themes such as trans identity and the profound impact of Ryann Slauson’s father’s passing. The first single and opening track of the EP, “Rain Shadow,” is an intense, stormy piece that crescendos into a powerful declaration: “Fuck the air in your lungs!” Watch the “Rain Shadow” video below, along with the Everything Is Longing tracklist and upcoming Sonagi shows.

01 “Rain Shadow”
02 “Polite Excuses”
03 “Stars As A Weapon”
04 “Grief Tourist”

7/05-06 – Oakland, CA @ Nine Lives Warehouse
7/08 – San Jose, CA @ Jade Cathayn
7/09 – Bakersfield, CA @ 415.BKFD
7/11 – Pomona, CA @ The Haven
7/12 – Los Angeles, CA @ Rocket 88

The Everything Is Longing EP will be available on 8/2 on Secret Voice.


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