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Sinai Vessel – “Laughing” (Music on TunesDeck)

Sinai Vessel – “Laughing”

Caleb Cordes questions his direction in the city of Nashville under capitalism in his latest single “Laughing.” This track, a part of the upcoming album I SING, adds to the anticipation created by earlier releases like “Best Witness,” “How,” “Birthday,” and “Attack.”

Cordes sheds light on his experience, mentioning the impact of external financial influences in Nashville. He shares his conflicting feelings towards the city, expressing a deep connection despite the challenges. The track also pays tribute to local legends like David Berman, Gillian Welch, and John Prine, drawing inspiration from their work.

The song serves as a release of the emotional strain Cordes felt at the time, evident in the extended second verse. He praises Nick Levine’s pedal steel contribution as a standout on the record, enhancing the track’s overall feel and marking its completion.

As Cordes navigates through affluent areas, he reflects on societal disparities, contemplating the impact of privilege on opportunities. The music video, directed by Trent Wayne, complements the song’s narrative.

I SING will be available on 7/26 through Keeled Scales.


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