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Sabrina Carpenter Performs Chappell Roan’s “Good Luck, Babe!” On BBC Radio 1

Sabrina Carpenter Covers Chappell Roan’s “Good Luck, Babe!” For BBC Radio 1

Two rising pop stars of 2024, Sabrina Carpenter and Chappell Roan, have made headlines with their success. Despite their different backgrounds, both artists have seen a surge in popularity. Carpenter, aged 25, and Roan, aged 26, gained recognition in recent years, opening for artists like Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo. Their performances at Coachella further boosted their careers. Carpenter recently covered Roan’s latest single, “Good Luck, Babe!” on the BBC Live Lounge.

Chappell Roan’s track, “Good Luck, Babe!” became her first Hot 100 hit in April. Carpenter has expressed her admiration for the song and had the opportunity to perform her version. Additionally, Carpenter’s singles, “Please Please Please” debuted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “Espresso” climbed to #3. Roan, on the other hand, has three songs on the Hot 100 chart, with “Good Luck, Babe” at #21, “Red Wine Supernova” at #67, and “Hot To Go!” at #68, marking new highs for her music.

Roan’s album, The Rise And Fall Of A Midwest Princess, entered the top 10 for the first time, while her performances are drawing larger crowds. Following a successful set at Bonnaroo, Roan attracted a sizeable audience, leading to a stage upgrade due to overwhelming demand.


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