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Review of Tango Supreme & Warren Justin’s Collaboration on TunesDeck

South African musicians Tango Supreme and Warren Justin collaborate on the new track “Club 88,” adding to the lively Amapiano genre with infectious rhythms.

The song showcases the combined talents of Tango Supreme and Warren Justin, with both artists contributing to the production, highlighting their creativity and expertise.

Tango Supreme has had a successful year with multiple releases, including “Club 88,” which has received positive feedback for its captivating composition and incorporation of Amapiano elements.

“Club 88” has been highly anticipated in the music community, with early reviews suggesting it could become a hit in the Amapiano genre. Fans are encouraged to listen and share their feedback, helping to boost the track’s popularity on various platforms.

The single is available for download on various music websites, making it easily accessible to a global audience. Tango Supreme and Warren Justin continue to push musical boundaries with “Club 88,” showcasing their innovation in South African music.

Club 88


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