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Review of Floating Points’ Album “Key103” on TunesDeck

Floating Points – “Key103”

Sam Shepherd, also known as Floating Points, has been involved in various musical projects recently. After collaborations with Pharoah Sanders and the London Symphony Orchestra on Promises in 2021, scoring a ballet, and working on an anime for Adult Swim, he is now focusing on a new solo album.

The upcoming album, Cascade, showcases Floating Points returning to their signature avant-garde club music style. The tracklist includes singles such as “Del Oro” and “Birth4000,” along with the fresh release, “Key103,” a seven-minute track named after a radio station in Manchester that Shepherd frequented.

Shepherd shared in a press release that his inspiration for the album stems from his experiences in Manchester and its iconic record shops, shaping his musical education outside of school.

Experience “Key103” with visuals by Akiko Nakayama below:

Full Tracklist:
01 “Vocoder (Club Mix)”
02 “Key103”
03 “Birth4000”
04 “Del Oro”
05 “Fast Forward”
06 “Ocotillo”
07 “Afflecks Palace”
08 “Tilt Shift”
09 “Ablaze”

Cascade will be released on 9/13 via Ninja Tune. Pre-order available here.


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