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Review of Downhaul’s Song “Sinker”

Downhaul – “Sinker”

Downhaul, a Richmond indie rock band, creates upbeat and melodic tunes reminiscent of Pinegrove. Their latest single “Sinker” maintains their signature style of music characterized by a mix of twangy and catchy melodies. The band’s lead vocalist, Gordon Phillips, delivers strong harmonies that resonate well with the band’s overall sound. Phillips mentions that he focused on creating songs that pass the “Campfire Test,” ensuring they sound great even when stripped down to just an acoustic guitar. “Sinker” has a lively tempo and engaging vocal performances that draw listeners in.

The song features a vibrant energy, highlighted by Chandler Brooks’ bass lines that add a dynamic rhythm to the track. While the studio version of “Sinker” is concise and polished, the band stretches it out during live performances, allowing each member to showcase their musical talents. The song captures a sense of nostalgia and introspection, blending thoughtful lyrics with a catchy musical arrangement.

Experience the charm of “Sinker” below.

“Sinker” is now available on Self Aware Records.


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