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Review of Double Wish’s New Song “Floating” on TunesDeck

Double Wish – “Floating”

Double Wish is set to release their new EP titled Universe Sometimes this Friday. The band, consisting of Adam Sabolick, has already shared tracks like “Periwinkle Pantone” and “Papers” from the upcoming EP. Today, they are offering a final preview of the EP with the airy and dreamy track called “Floating.”

Adam Sabolick shared insights into the creation of the song, mentioning, “I wrote the song with the intention of it being the opening track of a larger musical project, not just a standalone piece. It is meant to welcome the listeners. The track begins with a gentle acoustic guitar melody complemented by a synth holding a single note, accompanied by subtle percussion samples to enhance the melody. The song gradually builds with a repetitive shimmering guitar riff, creating a sense of floating weightlessly on a tranquil summer day in the ocean. The finale of the track introduces dynamic synths that transform the original simple guitar progression into the sensation of a spacecraft launching into the vastness of space.”

Listen to “Floating” below.

Universe Sometimes will be available on 6/28 via Hit The North Records.


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