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Review of Denzel Curry – “Black Flag Freestyle” (Featuring That Mexican OT) on TunesDeck

Denzel Curry – “Black Flag Freestyle” (Feat. That Mexican OT)

Denzel Curry, a prominent figure in the Florida underground rap scene, is set to release his upcoming album King of the Mischievous South Vol. 2. This album is a follow-up to a mixtape he released in 2012. The new record features collaborations with artists like A$AP Rocky, Juicy J, and 2 Chainz. One of the singles from the album, “Hot One,” has already been well-received. Now, Curry has joined forces with That Mexican OT to deliver the new track “Black Flag Freestyle.”

Despite its title, “Black Flag Freestyle” is not about bandanas. The song exudes a punk rock energy and showcases the dynamic personalities and impressive rapid-fire rapping skills of Denzel Curry and That Mexican OT. Their chemistry on the track is undeniable.

Produced by 187 Ricky and Payday, the beat for “Black Flag Freestyle” is intense and dramatic. The track was unveiled through a From The Block performance by Denzel Curry and That Mexican OT outside DJ Screw’s Screwed Up Records & Tapes store in Houston. This release is significant for That Mexican OT, who recently dropped the acclaimed mixtape Texas Technician and was named one of this year’s XXL Freshman. Denzel Curry, a former XXL Freshman from 2016, has been part of memorable cypher videos in the past. Now, let’s check out “Black Flag Freestyle” below.

King Of The Mischievous South Vol. 2 will be released on 7/19 under Loma Vista Recordings.


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