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Review of “Break It Down (On The Bassline)” by Confidence Man & IN2STELLAR

Confidence Man & IN2STELLAR – “Break It Down (On The Bassline)”

A recent release from Confidence Man, known for the track “I Can’t Lose You,” introduces a new collaboration titled “Break It Down (On The Bassline)” with the Australian electronic duo IN2STELLAR.

The track is part of the latest Fabric Presents… mix. Reflecting on the mix, Confidence Man expressed, “The mix includes songs we enjoy playing at parties and DJ sets, as well as some classic tunes we’ve adored for years. We’ve also included tracks from friends whose music we appreciate. Our goal is to create something that we would love to dance to.”

IN2STELLAR shared their thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “Our shared love for early 2000s club hits and DJing has been a bonding experience during numerous nights out with Confidence Man. This track encapsulates all those nights out in one and is definitely a club-worthy tune!”

Experience “Break It Down (On The Bassline)” below, a track that lives up to the energy portrayed in the album artwork.

Fabric Presents Confidence Man is scheduled for release on 8/23 via Fabric.


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