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Review of “Another Day” by Fucked Up on TunesDeck

Fucked Up – “Another Day”

After releasing the conceptual LP One Day last year, Fucked Up is back with a new album titled Another Day, set to release this summer. In addition to this, Jade Hairpins, a side project of Fucked Up, has also announced a new album, showcasing their productivity. The band has already shared the lead single “Stimming” from Another Day, and now they have unveiled the title track of the upcoming LP.

“Another Day” is a vibrant rock track with prominent ’70s-style guitar riffs and a compelling call-and-response chorus. The song highlights the positive impact of cannabis, which is a significant and personal cause for the band’s singer, Damian Abraham. The accompanying video directed by Colin Medley delves into the history of the plant. Abraham shares his thoughts on the song:

Throughout history, cannabis has been intertwined with human existence, providing various benefits such as food, clothing, medicine, and more. My personal journey with cannabis began as a medicinal alternative, reshaping my perspective and understanding of its potential.

As I delved deeper into the plant and its attributes, I realized the complex and troubled history surrounding cannabis, including its role in colonialism and the subsequent criminalization of communities. Despite the strides made towards legalization, there are still injustices within the industry that need to be addressed.

“Another Day” echoes the narrative initiated in “Lords Of Kensington” and serves as a metaphor for the post-legalization era of cannabis in Canada, emphasizing the need for a fair and just approach moving forward. The song envisions a future where cannabis is not tainted by profit-driven motives but focuses on rectifying past wrongs.

It calls for the liberation of all cannabis-related prisoners and pays tribute to activists like Tracy and Horatio, advocating for an end to drug prohibition. The track conveys a powerful message of hope and progress in the cannabis landscape.

Special thanks to Colin and Jonah for bringing this vision to life, along with research assistance by Matt Riot.

The upcoming self-released album Another Day will be available on 8/9.


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