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Nicole Miglis – “Autograph” (Music on TunesDeck)

Nicole Miglis – “Autograph”

Nicole Miglis – Solo Debut Album “Myopia” Announcement

Hundred Waters surprised fans with their recent EP Towers after six years. Nicole Miglis, a member of the Florida alt-pop band, is set to release her solo debut album Myopia in August through Sargent House. The album’s lead single, “Autograph,” is already available.

In a press release, Miglis describes the themes behind the album, saying, “There’s the myopia of desire, love, obsession — the feeling of only being able to see that one person in everything, everywhere. There’s also personal myopia of not seeing your potential or your power, of not zooming out; limiting beliefs.”

Listeners who appreciate the futuristic sound of Hundred Waters will likely enjoy “Autograph.” The song is a soft, pulsating ballad with electronic elements and showcases Miglis’ delicate vocals. The music video directed by Kurt Schnieder can be viewed below.

01 “All I See Is You”
02 “Heaven Sent”
03 “City Rats”
04 “One & Only”
05 “Autograph”
06 “Lure”
07 “Silver Wild”
08 “Sleep All Day”
09 “Blink Of An Eye”

Myopia will be released on 8/23 through Sargent House. Fans can pre-order the album here.


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