New Release: “Pulling Quotes” by Cola (Available for Download on TunesDeck)

Cola – “Pulling Quotes”

Cola is set to release their upcoming album The Gloss next Friday. The album has been creating a buzz with singles like “Keys Down If You Stay,” “Bitter Melon,” “Pallor Tricks,” and “Albatross,” building excitement among fans. Today, the Montreal post-punk group is offering a sneak peek with their latest release, “Pulling Quotes.”

Lead singer Tim Darcy shared insights into the inspiration behind the song. He mentioned that the music was initially based on the melodic patterns of the Uilleann pipes, a traditional instrument Ben, the band member, was learning to play. Darcy mentioned:

After receiving a demo from Ben and Evan, I was initially not captivated by it. However, their enthusiasm for the music was contagious. I sat down one afternoon and penned down the entire vocal part, almost in its final form, which is quite rare for me.

Lyrically, the song delves into a relationship where the dynamics resemble that of journalists. Darcy explained that the bright and open nature of the music prompted him to infuse a bit of cheekiness in the lyrics to match the overall feel, while still hinting at some deeper emotions in the bridge section.

The band also released a music video for the track, directed by Ben Stidworthy. Stidworthy provided his perspective on the video, stating that it reflects on the complexities of desire, deception, and external influences in relationships. He highlighted the theme of navigating through societal expectations and the struggle to distinguish reality amidst the chaos.

Experience the video below.

The Gloss will be available on 6/14 through Fire Talk.


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