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New Release from Ghost: “The Future Is A Foreign Land”

Ghost – “The Future Is A Foreign Land”

Ghosts recently unveiled their debut feature film, “Rite Here Rite Now,” showcasing a new track by Tobias Forge and the band. The film captures Ghost’s live performance at LA’s Kia Forum last year, and its upcoming soundtrack, to be released next month, features 17 songs from that show along with a new studio recording. The latest track, “The Future Is A Foreign Land,” deviates from the band’s usual metal style and is dubbed a product of Ghost’s “timeless 1969 sessions,” staying true to this whimsical label.

01 “Imperium”
02 “Kaisarion”
03 “Rats”
04 “Faith”
05 “Spillways”
06 “Cirice”
07 “Absolution”
08 “Call Me Little Sunshine”
09 “Watcher In The Sky”
10 “If You Have Ghosts (Chamber Version)”
11 “Twenties”
12 “Miasma”
13 “Mary On A Cross”
14 “Respite On The Spitalfields”
15 “Kiss The Go-Goat”
16 “Dance Macabre”
17 “Square Hammer”
18 “The Future Is A Foreign Land”

The soundtrack for “Rite Here Rite Now” will be available on 7/26 through Loma Vista.


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