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New Release: “Empty Rooms” by Goodmorning Valentine ft. Jessica Lea Mayfield

Goodmorning Valentine – “Empty Rooms” (Feat. Jessica Lea Mayfield)

A collaboration between Goodmorning Valentine and Jessica Lea Mayfield has brought forth the haunting track “Empty Rooms.” Joseph Allen Beltram, known as Goodmorning Valentine, spoke about his musical journey and experiences as a touring musician over the past 20 years.

Goodmorning Valentine shared his thoughts in an interview with Flood, saying:

Music and travel are intricately linked for me. I travel to perform songs and my songwriting is inspired by my travels. While much of the journey has been adventurous, there are moments of difficulty when things don’t go as planned – whether it’s disappointing shows, van troubles, or financial constraints. The unique loneliness that comes with performing in unfamiliar places far from home, especially when facing an empty audience, can weigh heavily on you.

Listen to “Empty Rooms,” now available via Suicide Squeeze.


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