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New Music Release: Storefront Church – “Tapping On The Glass”

Storefront Church – “Tapping On The Glass”

The upcoming album by Lukas Frank under the alias Storefront Church, named Ink & Oil, is set to release in two weeks. Tracks like “The High Room,” “Coal,” and “Melting Mirror” have drawn praise for their grandiose style reminiscent of ‘The Drift’ era Scott Walker, according to one enthusiast’s comment.

Adding to the anticipation, a new track titled “Tapping On The Glass” has been unveiled, with echoes of Grizzly Bear and Radiohead. The expressive string section elevates the song to new heights, making it a fitting conclusion to the album. A video for the track “Coal,” directed by Frank, was also released today.

The album Ink & Oil will be available on 6/28.


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