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New Music Release: GUM / Ambrose Kenny-Smith – “Dud”

GUM / Ambrose Kenny-Smith – “Dud”

In a recent announcement, Jay Watson of Tame Impala and Pond revealed a collaborative album project under the name GUM with Ambrose Kenny-Smith from King Gizzard & The Lizard. The duo released the title track earlier, and now they have unveiled “Dud.”

“Dud” is a heartfelt song co-written by Kenny-Smith’s late father, Broderick Smith, a well-known Australian musician. Reflecting on the song, Kenny-Smith shared, “After my Dad passed away in May last year, we never got to properly finish the song together. It only felt right to make the chorus as more of a send-off to him. I miss him every day, but I’m grateful to have this song as a remembrance. It helped me a lot in processing his passing. Dad always signed off his emails and birthday cards with ‘- love Dud x.’”

Watson described the song’s inception, “This one started as a demo Ambrose sent me, with the songwriting all there. I loved the melody and the classic chord progression, and ran about half of the stems through a tremolo, as well as adding some Vox repeater fuzz tremolo, a classic Spacemen 3 trick. It just sounded like Track 1 to me, I don’t know why.”

The emotional song is accompanied by a music video directed by Matt Wallace and Jack Rule of Recliner Films. Rule shared, “The video lands somewhere between happy and sad. Sam, an actor and friend of ours played the role perfectly and, when he started to break into dance, he kind of became this emotional extension of Ambrose who could help share the load of the very real emotional heft of this beautiful track.”

The album Ill Times is scheduled for release on 7/19 via p(doom).


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