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New Music Release: Cassie Ramone’s Latest Solo Album

Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls, The Babies) Releases First New Solo Album In Nine Years

Cassie Ramone, previously known for her work with Vivian Girls and The Babies, has unveiled her third solo album titled Sweetheart, which comes after a nine-year hiatus since her debut record The Time Has Come in 2014. This new release follows her holiday LP Christmas In Reno and coincides with The Babies’ reunion shows in New York and LA.

Sweetheart presents a dreamy lo-fi pop sound, a collaborative effort between Cassie Ramone and friend Dylan White. Inspired by childhood family road trips, the album includes a track featuring Mac DeMarco called “The Only Way I Know How.” Initially released through a single-track YouTube stream or as MP3 downloads from Ramone, the album will eventually be available on various streaming platforms.

Dear Listener,

Cassie Ramone shares a personal reflection on Sweetheart, reminiscing about family trips to National Parks and nights staring at stars, drawing parallels to her childhood dreams and musical aspirations. Expressing gratitude, she unfolds experiences leading up to the creation of the album, including significant life events and unexpected inspirations.

The album-making journey is narrated with intimate details, from songwriting during lockdown nights to recording in Richmond, Virginia, capturing moments and memories with disposable cameras. This nostalgic essence is echoed in the music, with songs that have evolved over time, unveiling emotional depth and personal growth.

Describing Sweetheart as a blend of past and present pop influences, Cassie Ramone imparts a heartfelt message of returning to her roots and dreams through music. The album resonates with a journey of self-discovery, creativity, and resilience.

As Sweetheart unfolds, listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the rhythmic tales of Ramone’s life, encapsulating a raw and authentic storytelling experience that mirrors her musical evolution and personal revelations.

Experience Sweetheart through the embedded stream below and delve into the enchanting world of Cassie Ramone’s latest musical venture.

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