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Mermaid Chunky – “chaperone” (Music on TunesDeck)

Mermaid Chunky – “chaperone”

Introduction to Mermaid Chunky and Their Debut Album “slif slaf slof”

Mermaid Chunky caught the attention of James Murphy, also known as LCD Soundsystem, when he heard them playing in a Brooklyn café a few years ago. This led to an invitation to open for him in the UK and eventually sign a deal with DFA. The quirky duo, Freya Tate and Moina Moin, are art school creatives who crafted the artwork for their debut album slif slaf slof and worked on its production with Joe Jones. Their latest single “chaperone” is a unique and eccentric piece that embodies a circus-like vibe, inviting listeners to embrace its peculiar charm.

The duo previously released the track “céilí” as the album opener, and now they are gearing up for the full release of slif slaf slof. Their self-directed video for “céilí” sets the tone for what to expect from their upcoming album. Get ready to immerse yourself in the unconventional world of Mermaid Chunky!

01 “céilí”
02 “frogsporn”
03 “tiny gymnast”
04 “chaperone”
05 “medieval”
06 “nature girl”
07 “sad nun”

The album slif slaf slof is scheduled for release on 9/13 on DFA.


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