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Mavi – Latest Music Release on TunesDeck

Mavi – “Drunk Prayer”

The talented indie rapper Mavi from Charlotte unveiled his second album, Laughing So Hard It Hurts, in 2022. He has now teased the upcoming release of his next album, Shadow Box, scheduled for later this summer. The debut single from this new album, titled “Drunk Prayer,” already sets high expectations for the project.

Collaborating once again with his long-time producer Angelo Leroi, Mavi delivers a soulful and introspective track in “Drunk Prayer.” The song showcases his unique blend of singing and rapping, exploring themes of self-reflection and reliance on substances to cope. Mavi shares his emotional journey and creative process for the upcoming LP, expressing his struggles and inspirations.

Mavi reflects on his challenges during the making of the previous album, recounting a period of despair and self-discovery. His artistic revival was influenced by various forms of art and design, particularly drawing from The Black Experience In Design. This exploration of design as a powerful force and its impact on society shaped the essence of his new album, delving into themes of order, faith, and artistic expression.

Accompanying the album announcement, Mavi has revealed a fall tour spanning North American and European cities. The tour will feature performances alongside artists like MESSIAH!, Malaya, Pink Siifu, and more. Fans can enjoy the music video for “Drunk Prayer” below and find the tour dates for a chance to catch Mavi live.


Mark your calendars for the much-anticipated release of Shadow Box on 8/9.


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