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Listen to the New Album “Now I See The Light” by Japanese Math Rock Band Toe

Stream Japanese Math Rock Band Toe’s First New Album In Nine Years Now I See The Light

Toe is a Japanese band that has been creating mathy post-rock music since 2005. After releasing their last full-length album “Hear You” in 2015, they have since shared a live album, a remix album, and an EP. Now, after almost a decade, they are back with “Now I See The Light,” their fourth studio album.

“Now I See The Light,” available through Topshelf, combines Toe’s refined recent sound with the raw math rock style that initially gained them recognition almost 20 years ago. In this album, guitarist Yamazaki Hirokazu takes on more vocal responsibilities, a shift from their predominantly instrumental discography. You can listen to it below.

01 “風と記憶”
02 “Loneliness Will Shine”
03 “Todo Y Nada”
04 “街のどこかで”
05 “Who Knows?”
06 “Close To You”
07 “キアロスクーロ”
08 “サニーボーイ・ラプソディ”
09 “Madness Summer”
10 “Now I See The Light”


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