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Katie Malco – “Fatal Attraction” (Featuring Laura Stevenson) on TunesDeck

Katie Malco – “Fatal Attraction” (Feat. Laura Stevenson)

Katie Malco from Brooklyn released her debut album Failure in 2020. After a period of silence, the singer-songwriter returns with “Fatal Attraction,” a collaboration with Laura Stevenson.

In a statement, Malco shared, “I lived alone during lockdown and became fixated on erotic thrillers.” Reflecting further, she expressed:

I have a monthly newsletter where I delve into classic or eccentric movies each month, showcasing my fondness for unconventional and cult films. The erotic thriller genre stands out as particularly peculiar—a genre that could only have thrived in its era. I delved into a marathon of Michael Douglas movies, including the iconic Fatal Attraction.

To my surprise, I found Fatal Attraction to be one of the most resonant movies I’ve ever watched. Its gripping scenes of intense anger stemming from selfish and thoughtless actions, coupled with self-reproach, create an allegory for society where men often evade consequences, unlike others. Beyond the bunny boiling and stalking, Glen Close’s character parallels the marginalized, striving for equality and recognition.

A local BBC review once labeled me “a woman scorned” for a song I penned and released in my teenage years. I found this framing of emotion odd, especially for a young individual, as this phrase is exclusively associated with women. There’s no equivalent term for a man experiencing scorn.

Laura Stevenson chimed in on the collaboration, saying:

Katie and I crossed paths on a tour in the UK, and later I invited her to join my 2023 US tour marking the 10th anniversary of my album Wheel. During this time, she was working on new music, and as we performed her track “Brooklyn” together on stage, we decided to craft harmonies for her latest piece, “Fatal Attraction,” recording my vocals while on the road. Our initial meeting was at a showcase at SXSW, where we struck up a conversation in an unexpected location—the bathroom. And now, after two tours together, we have a song to show for it…

“Fatal Attraction” is intense yet poignant, echoing the emotional depth reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers’ debut Stranger In The Alps. To listen, check out the track below.


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