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Harmony – “Coke And Mentos” (Music on TunesDeck)

Harmony – “Coke And Mentos”

Review of Harmony’s Latest Track: “Coke And Mentos”

Among Harmony Tividad’s recent releases like “Miss America” and “Thot Daughter,” the ex-Girlpool member continues to embrace the unconventional with her newest single, “Coke And Mentos.”

In the music video, Harmony dances alongside wax figures of Taylor Swift, Obama, Lil Nas X, and Ariana Grande at Madame Tussauds. With lyrics like “Shake me like a Coke and Mentos/ Sometimes I just wanna explode” set to an energetic club beat, the track brings a playful edge. The video, directed by Iris Luz, is a vibrant visual treat.


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