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Gel – “Persona” (Music on TunesDeck)

Gel – “Persona”

Review of Gel’s Latest Music

Gel is making waves in the hardcore punk scene with their electrifying performances. Currently, they are captivating audiences across European festivals with their high-energy shows. Their upcoming tour with MSPAINT and the Mall in North America promises an exciting night of music. Adding to their achievements is the release of their new EP, Persona.

The EP, Persona, is a follow-up to Gel’s debut LP, Only Constant, released in 2023. Anticipation is high for the EP, especially after the success of the first single, “Mirage,” which was well-received. The title track of the EP also impresses with its intense tempo and raw energy. Accompanied by a captivating video featuring footage from their dynamic live performances, Gel continues to showcase their musical prowess.

Persona will be available on 8/16 through Blue Grape, promising fans more of Gel’s signature sound.


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