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Exciting News: SOPHIE’s Final Album Set to Release

Final Album From Late Pop Visionary SOPHIE Announced

An upcoming posthumous album by the late producer SOPHIE has been announced. The album will be self-titled and is scheduled for release in September. To kick things off, a new single titled “Reason Why,” featuring Kim Petras and BC Kingdom, has been released today.

SOPHIE was already a significant figure during her lifetime, and her influence has continued to grow since her passing in 2021. Over the past year, various friends and fellow artists such as Charli XCX, A. G. Cook, Caroline Polachek, and St. Vincent have paid tribute to her through songs. This upcoming album serves as the official follow-up to her debut album, OIL OF EVERY PEARL’S UN-INSIDES, released in 2018. The album was completed by SOPHIE’s family and her longtime studio manager, Benny Long.

In a statement regarding the new album, SOPHIE’s family shared:

During the process of bringing this album to life, we reached out to Sophie’s close friends who had envisioned it with her. We expressed, “We have been finding solace in Sophie’s music that she left us, a precious gift that we hold dear as we navigate forward, with Sophie forever at the core of our universe.”

Sophie rarely spoke about her personal life publicly; instead, she channeled her thoughts and emotions into her music. It feels fitting to share the music she intended to release with the world, as a means for everyone to connect with her in the form she cherished most.

This album encapsulates Sophie’s musical evolution, showcasing her exceptional skill and creative vision that transcends time and genre. Her distinct sonic universe resonates on an emotional level, inviting listeners to embrace a dynamic blend of light and dark, soft and hard, leading to self-love and joyous self-acceptance. By emphasizing contrasts in sound and substance, Sophie’s work transcends mere auditory enjoyment to construct the dimension she envisioned.

Now, it carries an additional poignant significance; it narrates a life journey, from enigmatic obscurity, through vibrant club scenes, to blissful intangibility.

In her music, Sophie poured her entire essence. It is here that her spirit will perpetually reside.

Listen to “Reason Why” below.

SOPHIE will be available on 9/27 via Transgressive/Future Classic. Pre-order it here.


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