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Ekko Astral: New Single “Holocaust Remembrance Day”

Ekko Astral – “Holocaust Remembrance Day”

Ekko Astral, the Washington, DC punk band, known for their album Pink Balloons, has released a poignant standalone single, “Holocaust Remembrance Day.”

This track showcases a more stripped-down sound compared to their previous works, allowing vocalist Jael Holzman’s lyrics to shine. With heartfelt words about her experiences as a Jewish individual in the US, the song culminates in a powerful message of unity: “Truth lies in between/ You and me and the country.” Holzman elaborates on the inspiration behind the song in a press release:

She reflects on three notable experiences that have shaped her life as an American Jew. From encounters at the US Capitol building to censorship in a university podcast, and a poignant visit to a site of violence in Israel, Holzman’s verses speak volumes about her identity and beliefs.

Furthermore, she emphasizes the importance of questioning narratives and standing up against injustice, debunking the notion that criticizing Israeli state policies equates to antisemitism. The song serves as a platform to shed light on overlooked issues and advocate for change.

“Holocaust Remembrance Day” is available for download exclusively on Bandcamp, with all proceeds dedicated to supporting families affected by conflict in the region. Additionally, Ekko Astral will embark on a summer tour, with dates listed below.

8/12 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe
8/13 – Columbus, OH @ Ace Of Cups
8/14 – Indianapolis, IN @ Healer
8/15 – Chicago, IL @ Gman Tavern
8/17 – Detroit, MI @ Sanctuary Detroit
8/18 – Cleveland, OH @ Foundry


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