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Dutch Interior: “Ecig” (Track on TunesDeck)

Dutch Interior – “Ecig”

In recent years, the shoegaze genre has seen a surge in popularity. Dutch Interior, a septet based in LA with two albums and a recent signing to Fat Possum, is contributing to this wave with their track “Ecig.”

The band shared the story behind the song: Originally a quiet piece, “Ecig” took on a new life during a rehearsal when a fuzzy drone was introduced as the main rhythm, leading the band to effortlessly find their parts. The lyrics delve into the aftermath of betrayal, using vivid imagery like a rusted swing set and a disposable vape to convey lingering emotions.

Comprising of Jack Nugent, Conner Reeves, brothers Shane and Hayden Barton, Davis Stewart, and Noah Kurtz, Dutch Interior’s previous work didn’t lean towards shoegaze. However, “Ecig” stands out with its distorted sound and will be featured in their upcoming tour alongside DIIV, Horse Jumper Of Love, and julie.

Upcoming tour dates include stops in New York, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Richmond, and more, with performances planned throughout the summer in various cities across the US.

Stay tuned for their unique blend of immersive music and poignant lyrics during their live shows.

For more information and updates, visit their official website.


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