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DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ – “In Silence” (Music on TunesDeck)

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ – “In Silence”

DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ Releases New Single “In Silence”

Known for her intricate discography, DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ has unveiled a new track titled “In Silence,” following her 2023 album Destiny. This release adds to her collection of hits like “Anything Lost (Can Be Found Again)” and “Come Find Out.” The artist is already immersed in creating a fresh album, with “In Silence” as a preview.

“In Silence” showcases a softer side of DJ Sabrina’s sound, featuring a laid-back house beat and disco-infused piano melodies with Sabrina leading on vocals. The song delivers a poignant vibe with lyrics reflecting emotional depth such as “A heart beating in silence/ Nowhere to turn to/ A mind filled with no sense/ Of what might be wrong/ And what might be lies.”

In keeping with her fondness for nostalgia, the single’s artwork pays homage to Hounds Of Love. Be sure to watch the music video for an immersive experience.


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