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Discover Nick Lowe’s Latest Album “Indoor Safari” and Listen to the Lead Single “Went To A Party”

Nick Lowe Announces Indoor Safari, First New Album In 11 Years

After an 11-year hiatus from releasing new music, Nick Lowe is back with his upcoming album, Indoor Safari. This LP, set to be released in September, is the result of Lowe’s collaboration with Yep Roc labelmates Los Straitjackets. Featuring a mix of original songs, covers, and reworked classics, the album kicks off with the lead single “Went To A Party,” which marks Lowe’s first official co-write with Los Straitjackets. Take a listen to the track below:

Check out the tracklist for Indoor Safari:

  • 01 “Went To A Party”
  • 02 “Love Starvation”
  • 03 “Crying Inside”
  • 04 “A Quiet Place”
  • 05 “Blue On Blue”
  • 06 “Jet Pac Boomerang”
  • 07 “Tokyo Bay”
  • 08 “Trombone”
  • 09 “Different Kind Of Blue”
  • 10 “Raincoat In The River”
  • 11 “Lay It On Me Baby”
  • 12 “Don’t Be Nice To Me”

Experience Indoor Safari when it drops on 9/13 via Yep Roc.


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