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Discover Hard Chiller’s Latest Single “Close By” on TunesDeck

Hard Chiller – “Close By”

Hard Chiller is a new band featuring vocals by Joey Vannucchi from From Indian Lakes and music by Steve Choi from RX Bandits/The Sound Of Animals Fighting. They recently unveiled their debut EP, Heavy Cell, along with the release of their lead single “Clouds.” Their newest single, “Close By,” continues their hardcore-inspired sound reminiscent of Deftones, with a cleaner and edgier approach, showcased in “Clouds.”

Joey Vannucchi shared his thoughts on the track:

Close By was the 2nd song we put together, and it really solidified our vibe. It really showed us how we wanted to sound. When I was sent this song, I messaged Steve and told him that I would love it if the songs kept getting heavier and heavier like this, and leaned into the classic hardcore riffs even more, and after Close By was finished it was obvious that we were going to have a lot of fun doing rocker shit together.

Experience their unique sound in the video below.

Heavy Cell is set to be released on 6/28 via Born Losers.


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